Safer City Services

BID Support Officers

The BID Support Officers work on both day and night time economy as an addition to crime prevention and public safety throughout the city. They provide a high visibility, informative and approachable service to residents, businesses and visitors of Lichfield. During weekend duties they patrol the streets, guiding people from venues to the taxi rank safely as well as responding to incidents that happen. The BID Support Officers work closely with Staffordshire Police and other agencies, such as the Late Night Listeners; a volunteer pastor service during Saturday nights. In addition to working closely with Staffordshire Police, the BID Support Officers are especially employed on their work experience and training which includes former Police background, First Aid and Public Space Protection. They will also liaise with businesses promoting Lichfield BID projects, sharing information and crime prevention advice. The BID Support Officers will always act on public safety and share criminal intelligence with Staffordshire Police. They will always happily provide assistance to you. Keeping our community safe and reassured.


StoreNet/NiteNet radios provided by the BID


Lichfield BID provide and manages over 70 StoreNet and NiteNet radios which link all of the businesses and services together. Since the roll-out of the digital encrypted radios, business crime and public concern has dropped. Businesses of all sizes and statutes communicate together passing on vital information such as potential shoplifters to anti-social behaviour. From the BID office text messages can be sent to each and every digital radio for discreet messaging or event reminders such as Townsafe meetings. Lichfield Neighbourhood Police and BID Support Officers also carry the radios, providing direct communication from businesses to a uniformed response. Although this is not a replacement for the 999 or 101 service, response to crime has proved effective with all Police, BID Support and CCTV overhearing and providing swift action. Our radio scheme is maintained by M.R.S. Communications Ltd who regularly update the digital service also oversee repairs and replacements where needed, on behalf of Lichfield BID. StoreNet is the daytime scheme serving the retail sector, while NiteNet serves the night time economy venues.


Pabcis Disc


Pabcis Disc

PABCIS is funded by Lichfield BID with the objective to share intelligence and create easier, direct reporting of repeat offenders effecting the business economy and public safety across the city. The application DISC (Database and Intranet for Safer Communities) is available for businesses and agencies throughout the BID, including store managers, Security staff, Police Officers, BID Support Officers and managing directors. The application to access this system is verified by the Business Crime Manager who approves and manages the accounts. Using either desktop or mobile phone application, users can view repeat offenders operating throughout Lichfield and nearby towns. The user has the ability to send reports of offences, search offenders, input crime intelligence and be made aware of city-wide exclusion notices.


PubWatch and StoreWatch exclusions


PubWatch - StoreWatch

Both day time and night time economy zones operate exclusion notices (banning orders) on individuals who commit crime against businesses and the community. Offenders who are detained and processed by Police, Security or BID Support Officers are reviewed during regular Townsafe meetings and voted by majority on exclusion notices. In favour of a ban the offender is contacted by Staffordshire Police and Lichfield Townsafe informing them of the reason(s), location(s), begin-date and end-date of the exclusion notice. The Lichfield Townsafe meeting is attended by business owners, managers and security who vote in favour of the city's best interest. The voting decision is then supported by Staffordshire Police and Lichfield BID, StoreWatch exclusion notices ban offenders from all retail businesses during the day time. PubWatch exclusion notices ban the offender from all night time venues. Both exclusions permit Security Officers, Door Supervisors, store staff and managers to refuse the individual entry and may result in ejection. Exclusion notices typically last from 6 months up to 2 years respectively. A breach of an exclusion notice may extend the notice period, may result in civil prosecution, creating opportunity for a CBO (Criminal Behaviour Order) which may result in imprisonment.





Lichfield District Council and Three Spires Shopping Centre have joined together to provide a CCTV control centre operating over 120 cameras which are all monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to maximise public safety throughout the city. On top of watching over our safety, the control room monitor the Lichfield Townsafe radio scheme and link in with Lichfield Police as part of the agreement. This ensures vital communication between businesses, BID Support Officers and the Police ensuring adequate action to protect our property and safety.


For further information about any of the initiative mentioned above, please contact the BID Office on 01543 251713.