Lichfield BID Second Term



DRAFT Framework for new BID Plan.


The Steering Group, which meets monthly, representing businesses from across Lichfield City centre are making progress in creating a new plan for the BID term 2020-25.


The vision, in draft at this stage, is focussing on developing the key strengths and opportunities for the city centre. ‘Develop Lichfield into a major economic centre of the West Midlands known for its unique cultural, heritage, food and drink and retail offer and highly skilled business opportunities.’


The BID cannot do this on its own but will be working closely with the Lichfield District Council and City Council and others to achieve this ambition – it is in line with the Lichfield City Economic Plan and will be representing the businesses interests in the city centre.


The objectives and key activities at this stage are as follows:


Objective 1 – Attractive destination

    1. Promotion of the city and events
    2. Access
    3. Environment
    4. Crime and Safety


Objective 2 – Lichfield Businesses

  1. Develop relevant promotional campaigns for all business sectors.
  2. Improve communication and benefits between the BID and its businesses
  3. Support the improvement of the communications and transport infra-structure


Objective 3 – Business growth and investment

    1. Support development and delivery of a cohesive commercial, retail, leisure, cultural and heritage framework for the town centre.
    2. Support relationships between the University, College, businesses and organisations which seek to develop skills.
    3. Encourage inter-trading between Lichfield businesses
    4. Support the marketing and promotion of Lichfield to business


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